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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 10, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best stories and videos "right this minute." a kayaker spots something in the water that turns out to be a dog. >> i thought maybe he had somehow jumped off a boat or something. >> now the man who saved him reveals the dog's amazing journey and what happened to his owner. >> just released two incredible videos. >> that show the dangers of being a cop. see the traffic stop surprise --
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and the suspect who pulls a run and gun. hear that alarm telling a pilot to put down the landing gear? >> how do you not hear that. >> these guys didn't. you'll see what happens. and a contraption to make a simple task extremely complicated. >> no. >> that is awesome. it's time to get our show started. gale has our first story for us. this is story trending on the web. rory o'connor was on his kayak fishing when something peculiar popped up in the water and it wasn't a big one that got away. if you see over on the right, it's a dog. the dog's name is barney. rory pulls the dog in he notices the dog is really scared, shaking, and will not move even though it's in a precarious position on this kayak. >> i thought he jumped off a
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boat or sichomething. when i looked at him, i could see he was in distress. >> he dries the dog off. he gets the dog to shoefrmt re. he can see how injured this dog is. according to florida highway patrol, barney's owner, donna chin, was running with him when they were hit by a drunk driver. she died. barney took off. the person driving the car was arrested. he was injured as well but released from the hospital. theysay the suspect was involved in ant going, hit chin, then hit a pole. >> he left quite a chain of destruction. >> his attorney was asking that he be released on bail because the suspect is expecting a baby. rory says barney was found about a mile from where the accident happened. the family did get barney back. >> poor little guy. >> that poor family.
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nothing can replace donna chin to her family, but i'm sure it's a bit of comfort that they got barney back. got a video to show you, guys, of a couple of friends in a small plane flying over the countryside here. they're going in for a landing. listen to this. hear that extremely annoying, loud, beeping sound? >> i would imagine that's an alarm because something is going wrong. >> you heard it, right? >> i heard it. >> did you hear it. >> i heard it. >> these guys didn't hear it. that's an alarm telling them to put the landing gear down. these guys just disregarded it they didn't pay attention to the alarm. i imagine the conversation went something like this. pilot to co-pilot, hear that beeping. >> i don't hear anything. what are you talking about? must be in our heads. >> they're going in for a landing and they're this close to the runway and they don't have landing gear down? how do you not hear that.
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>> how do you fly a plane and have a plane flying license and forget to put the gear down. according to guy who posted this video, they are not hearing the alarm. as these two guys get closer and closer to the ground, they actually go in for basically for a crash landing and just land on the belly of their plane. they bounce around a bit here and give each other a look like what just happened? >> they didn't get one of those cheaper planes that the wheels just stay down? >> yeah. >> i would like to go on record and say they did this on purpose because they had a landing gear issue no way they could have ignored that. no way. >> by now you have probably seen this video. this is 22-year-old aaron langworthy doing a bungee jump at victoria falls. you can see her bungee line snap and she falls 365 feet into the
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river below. >> this is why i have no interest in bungee jumping. none. >> oh. she did suffer some cuts and bruises and was treated at a hospital in zimbabwe before being evacuated to south africa. you can't really be sure what is going to happen if you're bungee jumping in a foreign country. i don't know regulations, safety standards they have. we started searching through the internet to see other bungee jumping mishaps. look at these. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> got us thinking about safety regulations when it comes to bungee jumping here in america. it turns out bungee jumping
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rules and regulations, it's a state issue. so i wanted to know a bit more about how bungee operations are regulated in this country. so we found a guy named bungee brent in california. he operates an outdoor adventure company. explain to me the difference between, like, osha regulations for a crane jump versus like safety regulations for a standing fixture jump, like a bridge. >> that's just it. when osha comes out, they're obviously looking at everything, not just the structure, but also the bungbungee equipment. >> what do you think happened in this case? >> i think most errors are human errors. >> a lot of people will watch this video saying i'm never going bungee jumping now what would you say to them? >> i would say jump in the united states of america. >> you guys have seen pre-fabricated houses. seen them riding down the road.
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park them, there's your house. did you realize pre-fabricated hotels exist? >> no. >> what? >> this is in china. it took 360 hours, which sounds like a lot until i tell you they built a 30-story hotel, and they used a lot of prefabbrication technology. they are pre-fitting the air vents, the tiles, getting stuff ready in the pods. you see the individual pieces going out on flatbeds. the cranes lift up sections of floor and set them on place on top of the pylons, round after rod, for ater floor. they say this is a much more efficient way to build. it's safer. creates less construction debris. shorter construction time span. here's the time line. look at this thing going up. >> it is just as secure as another building that -- where the concrete sets and all that? >> this is five times more
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earth-quake resistant than a traditional building. it's five times more energy efficient, too. construction a lot of times will hold up traffic, block streaket. >> for weeks. >> the building was put together bay chinese sustainable building company. a little girl spat upon ignites a mob scene, a flash mob that is. see where women came together in a show of girl power. and no pants on the subway day means plenty of ufos, unidentified flinging objects, that we will try to
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this past weekend it was the tenth anniversary of no pants on the subway day. these videos are popping up everywhere because it was celebrated by about 16,000 people in 60 cities worldwide it started in 2001 by improv everywhere. their goal is to cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places. ten years on it's grown to be celebrated, if that's what you want to call it, in 60 cities. >> they did it in san francisco, where there were some interesting characters. take a look. >> in san francisco? no. >> what? wow. >> what the heck is that? that's what i want to know. >> that a toothbrush? always somebody has to take it to the next level. you can't just wear normal underwear like everybody else. >> i don't know what that is. >> i think he had a slim jim in his butt and beef jerky on his hoo-ha. >> you might be right. >> there's the problem with no pants on the subway. >> someone has got to ruin it. >> look at it sideways, looks
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like homer simpson with a slim jim in his mouth. >> this now really makes me not want to sit anywhere. >> thank you. >> kind of like a bad dream, did you ever get on the school bus and you forgot to put your pants on. >> if you're going to work, feeling blah on a monday. >> gale, why imagine. come on, let's do this. >> oh. >> i'm going to look straight ahea ahead. >> wait. hang on a second. before we go to another video, i want to remind you we have a lot of great videos at okay. on with the show. >> independence, missouri police just released two incredible videos. here's the first one. this happened back in march of 2010. lonnie moore is a suspected bank robber in the red honda.
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watch what happens now. >> oh. no. >> oh, boy. >> he was right up on the cop's car, on the side of a busy highway. >> the officer fired through the windows of his patrol car, shot the suspect. you hear a barrage of gunfire. moore realizes he's running out of ammo, he took his own life. miraculously the officer was not injured in this. another video that independence police released this one dating back to april of 2009. the cop car turns the corner. look to your left. you'll see nicholas waller firing. >> oh. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> officer down. >> nicholas waller was in a gun
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battle with another independence, missouri police officer. you saw the officer on the right side of your screen in a kneeling stance shooting back. that officer, again, uninjured. waller was then run over by the cops. he survived. last year alone, 174 police officers were killed nationwide, that's a 13% increase overall. the third deadliest year. 68 officers killed by gunfire. that's why they're releasing these videos now, to say look at what we deal with every day. >> we have to be grateful to our officers. this is what they're doing on a daily basis. this is what they're up against. >> i think you're absolutely going to love this video. this guy happened to catch little baby olive originally sea turtles emerging from their nest and making their way to the ocean. >> no way. >> look how many of them there are. look at this. >> oh. this is cool. i've always wanted to see this
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in person. so awesome. >> look at how tiny these guys are. look, hundreds of them on the beach. as the camera gets closer, you realize you're not look at sea pebbles, you are looking at turtles. so cute. this was shot on a beach in nicaragua. they just happened upon this amazing sight. the olive ridley sea turtle is one of the most apund dant sea turtles in the world. they say annually 300,000 sea turtles make their way to the shore once or twice a season and lay 100 eggs each. these little guys look like little pebbles. they grow to be a hundred pounds on average. a hundred pounds. it takes them 15 years to reach maturity. we actually spoke to the guy who shot this video. >> we really wanted to capture it, memorialize this once in a lifetime deal. shocked would be a good word. you know, more like kind of in
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awe of the natural process, how many there are and how small these turtles are. >> guy rides subway, guy sees girl play ukulele. now guy gives us the story behind the cool video. >> what happened after the music stopped? >> we started talking, exchanged names. >> you will hear what girl says about guy. >> it's like another part. >> see why we dare you to
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on the subway in new york, right? >> see some strange things down there, gaylement. >> you can get some cool impromptu concerts, right? >> sure. ♪ you're listening to jessica, she is playing her ukulele and singing. she has never met the man on the bongos playing with her. it's just an impromptu concert. i love that. ♪ since when do you want to rap with a ukulele? >> yeah. >> you see a lot of performers down there. every once in a while there's a gem like this one. i would actually enjoy sitting there on my ride listening to herments.
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>> the person who enjoyed it and videotaped it is via with us skype, matthew schwartz, how did this go down. >> to the right was the bongo player, to the left was the ukulele player. he asked her if she wanted to play. never seen somebody captivated the subway car after that day. >> what happened after the music stopped? >> we started talking, exchanged names, immediately when i got home, uploaded the video to youtube and realized this thing is going big. >> now that you have her number and seen her perform, is a little romance brewing? >> i don't think i'm going to publicly talk about my romantic life right now. >> you helped launch a career here, i would at least think a cup of coffee would be a nice
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thank you. we have jessica latch on via skype to find out what she thinks of matthew posting the video. >> i'm completely shocked and stunned by it, but i'm also grateful because he put this on the internet. yeah, it's, like, another serendipitous part to an already serendipitous event. in israel, a pretty interesting thing happened on friday of last week. >> you can see a large group of women walking into the main square of the town. >> flash mob. >> you're exactly right. >> a flash mob to the queen's song "don't stop me now." ♪ >> this is not a flash mob for fun. these women and about 250 women in all showed up. they were there to protest the segregation of women in public spaces, and to protest the exclusion of women in the public domain.
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the reason that they wanted to do this flash mob to begin with, last month the town was the center of a controversy that put the small city in the spotlight. all because this little girl, an 8-year-old little girl, was spat upon about an ultra orthodox jewish older man as she was trying to walk to school. he thought her clothes were immodest. she was in western clothes. >> that's a good reason to spit on a little girl. >> protests were ignited because of this particular incident. and women across the globe were very upset by how women in this particular ultra-orthodox area were being treated. so, to change the view of this particular community, these women wanted to do this flash mob to say, hey, look, this is not just what the town is we are also these empowered women.
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next time on "right this minute" -- >> my mom wanted to build a fun, family home. >> that's next time on "right this minute." see how a hamster, a blow dryer and a million steps handle one simple chore in your house. >> how do you think of this stuff? where does your
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when you see this picture, doesn't it make you think that's a nice picture of a snow leopard. >> very nice. i want to pet it. >> almost. >> almost. because it's still dangerous. >> it would be if it's real. this is not a photograph. it's a drawing. >> no way. >> this work is by an 18-year-old self-taught artist named rebecca ward. she did a time lapse of her doing a drawing of a snow leopard. according to her website, the snow leopards are murdered for greed. this took 17 hours to draw. you're our resident artist. how long do you think that would take to draw? >> 23 years. >> in the eyes, they look shiny.
9:27 am
at first, you think it's a black and white photo. >> it looks exactly like a black and white photo. when turns a page in a book or newspaper, there's this. and then there's also this. ♪ >> what? >> is that a hamster? >> that is a hamster. >> no. >> that is how you turn a newspaper page. >> that's awesome. >> this guy is joe and he does these contraptions all the time. this is his latest one. i guess it works great for a
9:28 am
newspaper. if you start it right when you start the top of the newspaper page, by the time you flip the page, you're done. >> works great for one page. >> the incorporation of the hamster here is absolutely the best part. the hamster is like, man, it's hot. >> how do you think this stuff? >> where does your brain start? >> your brain is a device. all right. that's going to do it for our show, everybody. we will leave you with a video called hands up and over it. ♪
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